Why Is Data Science Used by Top Companies?

Why Is Data Science Used by Top Companies?

Before we discuss about what data is, let’s consider the term “DATA”. Textbooks definitions say the most basic definition of what data is- a collection of raw facts stored in a repository and processed when required. But as a matter of fact, it is much more than that. The content we read in our newspaper every day in the mornings as we wake up, the rushed office meeting, noting down the important notes, sending an attachment via email, conversing with your friends online. From morning till night, everything that we are dealing with, this very article inclusive, is data. How Ironical! A four letter word handles our day-to-day needs. Until now we ran around and through the thoughts of the various vast applications of data. But, how do we know about it? Well, if it is playing such a major role in our lives, we would definitely like to know about it in much detail rather than the basic book definitions, isn’t it? Is there a science behind it? To know all of this, come along! Let’s take an e-tour on this amazingly emerging topic, DATA SCIENCE.

Data Science is a combination of Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big data Analytics. It is used to solve business problems and the strategies of the future business is going to be quite different by the use of cloud computing, IoT, big data. It deals with the much-needed technologies that are trending in today’s world and definitely in the future with a greater scope.


  • YouTube: the company that unlimitedly provides streaming-stored audio and video uses data science vastly at major rates. In fact, there’s no YouTube without the concept of Data.

  • Google: The most famous and trending search engine of today, Google also uses data science to serve the entire world. It has blown the roofs of the internet. Google is used as a major tool for mailing, researching, business and much more.

  • Netflix: the recent trend, the craze that has emerged these days and that has kept us entertained all day also uses data science to store large volumes of customer account information, account details, thousands of videos and so on.

All of us dream of having a company of our own as such or work for companies like YouTube, Google, Netflix and many such companies, right?

Well, if you have such dream, here, you are at the right place.

If you have the vision of expanding the features of the applications in order to maximize the space for storing much more data and have analytical skills and want to build your career in concepts of data, Data Science is what you will want.

Steve Liem

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