Wristcam finally enables you to make live video calls with an Apple Watch

Wristcam has already earned a lot of attention with its hardware –  a wristband accessory that adds a pair of cameras to an Apple Watch. But since it first arrived in summer 2021 there has been one feature which has remained just out of reach – video calling. Now, finally, the Wristcam offers the Jetsons-esque sci-fi possibility the Apple Watch has always hinted at.

The Wristcam itself is a ‘Made for Apple Watch’ band with a difference; as well as dual cameras it has an independent battery and 8Gb memory. The 8-megapixel main camera looks out from the wrist, while the slight bulge in the design allows for the 2-megapixel selfie camera, crucial to the new video calling. 

The 22g device communicates with the watch via BLE – connecting together likee a pair of AirPods.


(Image credit: Wristcam)

Since launch it’s been possible to capture images with a tap of the button or a Siri command, but Wristcam CEO Ari Roisman said “video calling is one of the biggest requests we’ve had from customers and a long-awaited sci-fi dream come true.”


Steve Liem

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